Work With Me

As a full time travel blogger and crazy wanderer, I can work with tourism boards and relevant travel brands to help them connect with my engaged community of readers. Every post on Crazy Wanderer is crafted from my personal experiences.

Why partner with Crazy Wanderer?


I attempt to travel differently – often solo and mostly beyond tourist spots to find the soul of a place – and bring stories from the road in an honest and relatable way to my readers. My blog and social networks are filled with readers expressing their intention to follow in my footsteps wherever I go.

How can you work with Crazy Wanderer?

1. Through my blog and writing: I aim to inspire people to follow their own travel dreams and embrace new adventures. Here’s how I help connect my readers with the right travel destinations and brands.

2. You can advertise on my website.

3. I can work for you as a brand ambassador: I would like to work on a long-term basis with select travel brands that fit in with my travel focus: responsible, solo and experiential travel.

4.  I can help you launch your new travel business: Hostel / Hotel / Tour / Travel business by writing about it and sharing pictures on my social media accounts.

5. I can design your website from scratch: (I have a good knowledge of SEO and WordPress). Haven’t I done a good job with mine?

6. Blogging campaigns: I can work with tourism boards and travel brands to deliver engaging blogging campaigns, showcasing your destination, accommodation or product to my readers in an experiential way. I offer real-time updates on my social networks, blog posts featuring my experiences, practical tips and post-trip giveaways.

7. Travel Influencer for Online Campaigns and Contests: I can work with brands to run and promote travel-related contests and campaigns that are of interest and value to my readers.

8. Travel Consultant: I can help you to travel in India , Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia ( Countries will be added after my trip) in a very cost effective manner (you can save so many bugs from my self experienced tips). I can plan your travels and design itineraries  as per your choice. Whether it’s a group travel, couple or solo travel.

9. If you have any other travel related collaboration in mind: feel free to contact me.

Please email me at to discuss your requirements. My charges vary with the scope, duration and challenges of the project.