Just like us (Women), men do have secrets to themselves, especially about what they are thinking and more often than not wish they knew what they are. What normally happens is when he tries to open up to you, they take over, and soon the interaction is targeted at them. We check with real men to find out what they are struggling to tell you!

1. They Are Not Afraid Of CommitmentThey are not afraid of commitment

2. They Like It When You Wear ‘No’ Makeup – ReallyThey like it when you wear 'No' Makeup - really

3. They Act Super Confident When They Are Not!They act super confident when they are not

4. They Don’t Think Watching Adult Movies Is A Great Deal

5.  They Wish You Like The Same Things, But Not Overdoing ItThey wish you to toss in when the bill arrives

6.  They Desire You To Compliment Them

7. They Do Think About Nothing SometimesThey do think about nothing sometimes

8. They Can Hoax Their Climaxes, Too

9. They Wish You To Toss In When The Bill Arrives

10. They Need Their ‘Me’ Time


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