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To me, Yoga is an art of waking up! Getting back to the "True You" It's just as simple! Yoga offers you a way to see the universe that is working towards you instead of against. It jogs me that everything is linked so we must react, hope, love the way we live and be aware! If this is really rewarding, then by delight, I prefer to relish the journey. Come and join me!

Office Yoga
Pankti Yoga 1
No yoga mat? No clothes? No problem. Enjoy the benefits of office yoga without stress the other stuff. In less than thirty minutes, get a good chance to stretch and take a fast break from your desk. We do offer 30 minute
meditation session!

You will be surprised by the effectiveness of the office yoga method! Learn to de- stress and yoga moves without moving from your desk. Feel happy, good and for the most productive to come! We also teach anything from Hatha and Vinyasa Flow.

How it works?
The prices of sessions might vary based on your needs. Please contact us to learn more. We don’t provide mats and encourage to bring your own. Whether you work at an office or recording studio, we can adapt meditation and yoga to meet your employee's unique needs. Try out our office yoga, it’s a 'Zero Sweat' sessions that can be performed at your desk or
conference table. Your staffs can feel enliven and glad to be offered a break!

We are experienced yogis and worked with high end clientele and provide the utmost care when it comes to offering yoga into the workplace.

Yoga For Knee Problems And Knee Injury
Pankti Yoga 2
Yoga can be a daunting exercise for those with knee problems. And that’s a lot of us. They are considered as shock absorbers. Yoga helps to keep your knees strong and healthy by powering and lengthening the surrouning thigh and calf muscles, thus helping to soothe the pressure on the knees.

Join my yoga sessions to cure your knee related problems. Get to know more about Yoga with Pankti with our in - Depth courses.

With the help of our yoga session you can bring mind and body to a better balance and you will be able to foster mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Contact us now for a free trial.

Yoga For Back Pain
Pankti Yoga 3
Now enjoy yoga with us!
We are Yoga experts and will lead you better with our dedicated team. We provide guidance, the practical tools, the right motivation for pursuing targeted goals. We will guide you breathe work, meditation, stress reduction, yoga for back pain and much more. Our courses range from thirty minutes to one house sessions to deepen your knowledge, boost your energy and enhance your well-being.

Now shoo away your knee pain with yoga! Our guidance course and workshops can be made to your own schedule. Join now for immediate access to a wide range of enjoyable, inspirational and informative yoga learning opportunities. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to strengthen your inner quad and
  • Standing poses

These poses will give you great relief from knee pain and means of stabilizing and strengthening, helping you to overcome from the structural imbalances. Contact our Yoga expert Pankti Shah, to know more.

Yoga For Diabetes People
Pankti Yoga 4
Control diabetes with our yoga program that is structured to help you get the most of it. Each program is designed to take you toward the goal in an effective and safe way. We call diabetes a multifactorial disorder, lack of proper exercise, food habit, stress aggravates the challenges. Now you can control that with yoga ! Yes, take Yoga classes to control the insulin level.

You will learn a few specific asanas to tackle diabetes in this session, which includes a combination of breathing technique, poses, bends and twists. Taking our session can improve direction, prevents relief from chronic
illness and you will feel healthier, energetic and fresh.

Pankti Shah is the creator and soul behind this yoga session. She is a great motivator for all things life - sunshine, connection, creativity and movement. Her deepest desire is for you to embrace the Yogic idea, breaking false belief and making dreams come true! Through sharing her Yoga jouney - full hearted - She inspires and hopes to shape your journey!

Yoga For Anxiety, Stress & Depression
Pankti Yoga 5
Feeling anxious and depressed? Then you need to calm down with your yoga session!

When your mind is fully occupied with family, work and other pressure, you will lead to a frustrated life which leads of depression and anxiety. But with yoga you can put it under rest with deep relaxation! We focus on breathing, turning attention away that causes anxiety and stress and thereby calming your soul and mind. It supplements your brain cells a break from continous strain.

Take yoga sessions regularly to get rid of this deadly disorder! Learn Yoga with the expert Pankti Shah. She teaches weekly and daily yoga classes at various locations in Gujarat and also conducts free yoga sessions! She have extensive experience and also featured in many leading magazines.

Yoga For Entrepreneurs
Pankti Yoga 6
The physical benefits of yoga is not just limited. Our yoga sessions for entrepreneurs are tailored to set the key needs! Yoga can enhance the power of information processing, creativity and productivity enhancing, stronger ammunition to beat anxiety and stress!

Most entrepreneurs who come to take classes from us know the value of staying fit, but don't dedicate much time to their well being. Yoga includes many of the best reasons with meditation and mindfulness and helps you to stay in control.

The few benefits of practicing yoga for entrepreneurs are:

  • Relinquish control
  • Patience
  • Accepting physical and mental state
  • Quiet the mind
  • A short escape from stressful life

Be a Yogipreneur with Pankti Shah, a therapeutic yoga expert. She brings her yoga practice to life through her business efforts!

Yoga For Sports Person
Pankti Yoga 7
If you are a sports person and want to focus effectively, then first, foremost to consider is the perfect health. Disease saps the body of its vigor and can leave the muscle weakened. Yoga can help to build your body's resistance to invasive microbes by stimulating the internal organs.

Sports people are increasingly turning to yoga to supplement their regular exercises and to enhance their mind and body. One of the cornerstones of yoga is that these poses are that we teach you in our session are targeted around body coordination and mind with right breathing techniques.This will result in greater attention and alertness of the mind to offer a sports person that winning edge.

Yoga can also help your mental capacity, including good memory, concentration, perseverance and endurance which are priceless value for any aspiring sports person.

Yoga For Sleeping Disorders
Pankti Yoga 8
We undertake yoga sessions for a multitude of disorder, ailments and illnesses. And often, we get clients who suffer from sleeping disorders or insomnia. Our yoga sessions are focused to treat it while providing enough relaxation to help you sleep.

Insomnia is a very life - disturbing disorder, whether you experience it occasionally or regularly, there is no quick fix solution other than sleeping pills which can cause you various health issues. A great alternative that never causes side effects, but a lifetime cure!

Get to know more about Yoga for sleeping disorders with Pankti Shah!

Yoga For Heart Problems
Pankti Yoga 9
Yoga is a series of physical and breathing exercise that are combined with meditation. To cure heart problems, take yoga sessions with us ! The health benefits of yoga are not just limited! It can strengthen and improve your cardiovascular health. Following a regular routine can be a healthy activity.

Following yoga can lower your blood pressure, ease palpitations, facilitates recovery, balance the metabolic system, lower risk factors, improves breathing and increases circulation, reduces anxiety and depression and strengthens the immune system.

To know more about our yoga classes and training sessions, Feel free to contact us!

Yoga For Pregnancy
Pankti Yoga 10
When my best friend got pregnant, she was worried about keeping her fit and for the delivery process and was wondering if yoga can help her out. I suggested to take yoga classes with me to have healthy experience. Stretches and poses of yoga can help you to lead a peaceful and mind
relaxing pregnancy experience.

Pregnancy for yoga reduced the risk of:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes and much more associated with pregnancy

Asanas and breathing exercises will help you to deliver smoothly!

Get information on all yoga aspects, the importance of yoga and curing your ailments.

Yoga For Sexual Problems
Pankti Yoga 11
People who practice yoga have the goal to increase their mental, physical or emotional health. For every problem there is a solution and for every solution there is an alternative.

There are plenty of yogic poses that can support to increase fertility. Traditionally, yoga is believed to decrease sexual energy, transforming into readily available energy for self - realization. People suffering from infertility can increase their chances to get pregnant with yoga. But remember, no assured results for everyone!

With yoga, you can learn to convince your body that is ready for pregnancy! Go ahead and check out our wonderful Yoga session!

Kids Yoga
Pankti Yoga 12
Kids can also enjoy the benefits of yoga ! Yoga has become a powerful method for kids to start moving their bodies in ways they can make them feel good and look good!

Yoga practice can help them calm down whenever they are mad at a playmate. Everyone can introduce yoga for their children by enrolling them to our yoga classes it is a great way to push them to a healthy lifestyle as they grow spiritually and mentally !

The benefits of yoga for kids include:

  • Can increase self esteem
  • Ability to relax
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Promotes focus
  • Concentration and attention
  • Improves digestion
  • Releases stress

Yoga can also strengthen their immune system and can improve strength and flexibility.

Yoga For Youngsters
Pankti Yoga 13
If you want your children's health to be prosperous, than one natural tecnique is to follow a yoga lifestyle! To help them look and feel younger without having to depend on any sort of medication.

Both you and your child can achieve the balance of body and mind with yoga. They can reap the benefits from this age - old technique when they bend, stretch and do pranas. The benefits of yoga for youngsters are:

  • Healthy body and mind
  • High level of energy
  • Controlled and focused behavior

I'm happily supporting people by offering yoga sessions for every disorder! Check it out!

Yoga For Stomach Problems
Pankti Yoga 14
Yoga is a very old form of exercise which has great abilities to offer solutions to various health related issues even today! Yoga aims at working toward offering a balance in body and mind of a person. Performing yoga can give relief, virtually from any ailment, relating to any organ of the body.

This also applies to gastrointestinal problems faced by all! Yoga for
digestive system includes a set of exercise poses that can offer you a full set of relief, be it constipation, diarrhea or heartburn. Yoga for stomach disorders includes deep breathing exercise to oxygen in the blood and bring in breathing in sync with pranayam. Almost all gastro - intestinal ailments such as indigestion, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. can be treated with yoga exercise.

Yoga For Infertility
Pankti Yoga 15
Improve and promote fertility with Yoga. There are a few specific yoga practices that can be used. They are a mix of postures, mantras and breathing technique. These practices enhance fertility by stimulating hormones and improve blood and nutrient supply to reproductive organs like uterus, ovaries, prostate, testes and eggs.

Yoga is a practical, common sense system that offers you the tools to be fertile and healthy. These exercises can balance the hormone production in the body and stimulate the ripe egg to release. By taking regular yoga sessions for infertility you can benefit: 

  • Regular ovulation
  • Mind relaxation
  • Increase the chances of conception

Get trained by a certified yogic practitioner for inputs and training on these poses!

Personalized Class
Pankti Yoga 16
Looking for a personal yoga and mindfulness yogi? Customize your own session with us!

We offer yoga session that combines meditations, restorative yoga, pranayamas and affirmation that guide you with various situations like increasing energy, fertility, reducing anxiety and much more. Tailor your own yoga session with us for personalized one - on - one classes! Ramp up the coaching and practice with us!

Contact us to schedule an appointment !

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