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Looking for a travel blogger to collaborate your travel projects? Or looking for ways to give your brand an instant access to a large group of travel audience or international traveler?

As one of the most popular travel blogs, there are many services and skills that we could offer to destinations, brands and individuals searching for ways to enhance their blog or brand exposure!

Pankti Shah aka Crazy Wanderer creates real and inspirational contents! We don't encourage short - cuts, but real tips and resources to move readers from dreaming a trip to making it a reality! We have been an inspiration for all travel lovers and solo female travelers.

Travel Blogs

We love to give travel blogging a real shot. We take it seriously and offer travel writing service with a heck of research and ton of time. We are much aware of the odds and know there is a ridiculous amount of competition. Our strong passion for traveling will always help you to give a great travel piece, which earns you more. Also, don’t neglect to fall deeper to grow your travel blog it's always a good idea to seek a professional help.

There are hundreds of such bloggers who provide this service, but the quality, uniqueness and crisp in writing make us apart! If you are looking for a travel blogger to write for you on travel projects, then you are in the right place. With some experts at hand, we can also help to popularize your travel blog and make bucks from it without wasting too much.

Advertise On My Website

If you are a travel - related company and looking out for ways to share your product or service to a broader audience, or looking for someone to represent your brand and interested in advertising, either in the form of banner ads or sponsored ads, then Crazy Wanderer offers competitive prices, a targeted readership and broad range of options to suit your need. My Travel experience teamed with my travel prowess, makes this site an excellent travel resource for the solo and independent travelers.

Any sponsored content, whether it is paid for or published on this blog will contain a disclaimer. Crazy Wanderer reserves the right to reject a product or run a sponsored post if it is not suitable to the site's content. Any reviews written for this site will be written honestly and open - minded and no assurance can be given a positive rating or conclusion. Contact me! I love meeting and interacting with new people!

Travel Brand Ambassador

As a professional travel blogger, I do accept ambassador programs! I travel often and go to cool places! My followers love my posts and if you are looking for an adventurous and a loyal brand representative then, I can help you to get the word out!

Finding the right travel brand ambassador can make so much difference for your brand. I can actively engage in positive dialogues with other customer and responsible for marketing and sharing a product or brand to the target audience. I prefer to work on a long - term basis with specific travel brands that is relevant to my travel niche which is solo travel and other suitable also!

I can promote your brand in various ways. Blog posts, social media coverage, video, media appearances and much more. Feel free to contact to know more about my price list on brand ambassadorship.

New Travel Business

Interested in working with us to help promote your product, travel business, brand or tourism board? We strive to build quality work relationship with our partners wit h integrity and honesty in the heart of our content creation.

I try to travel differently - often solo and beyond the regular spots to find the soul of the place and collect stories from the road in a legit and relatable way to my audience. My social networks and my blog posts are mostly flooded with readers showing their intention to follow footsteps wherever I go. I get frequent emails and personal messages asking recommendations and tips.

Through my writing, I aim to inspire women and solo travelers to follow their own travel fantasies and embrace new adventures. I can help you to connect with my readers with the right travel brands and of, course destinations.

Design Travel Blogging Website From Scratch

Hello! Looking for best travel blogging design from scratch? I have been making travel sites for bloggers from across various countries for quite a long time! I love making ideas and goals to make it a reality. Also for years I constantly hone my skills to come up with unique and beautiful designs. I can offer you a wide range of services which include a custom template, blog, and website design set-up, logo design and branding. I have also worked on motion graphics and advertising for clients.

Get a free quote!

They say the best thing in life is free. Well, here is one more of those things. Mail me and tell what you are looking for and I am glad to help you with that and offer a free quote on charges and other details.

Think we'd be a good fit? Contact me!

Blogging Campaigns

I love working with tourism boards and travel brands to offer engaging blogging campaigns, showcasing a product, accommodation and a travel destination to my audience in an effective way - with a target on local experiences and sustainable travel. I'm a full-time travel blogger and offer real - time updates on my social media platforms, blog posts which feature, tips and suggestions. Check out my recent blogging campaign to know more.

There are loads of travel bloggers out there, so why work with us? First and foremost, we are hard - working full-time passionate travel bloggers. We are very active in the professional community, attending conferences, speaking at blogging events or speaking at travel and serving Committees.

Having worked with dozens of tourism boards, I know precisely what to and how to campaign a product and drive engagement from the vast community as much as possible.

Let's Chat, Email me to receive my media kit.

Online Campaigns & Contests

Facebook is one of the biggest social networks in the world and advertising on Facebook is a perfect tool to connect with the potential customers. We also offer online campaign and contest service, which is also called as an advertising solution to suit your campaign requirements and budget, whether it's for a sponsored stories or home page ads. Our service includes;

  • Audience identification - Finding and targeting your right audience, including estimated audience cost and size to advertise.
  • Creative design - We can make all images used for the ads with some top - notch creative ideas, crafted especially for your target audience.
  • Monitoring statistics - Using both Google Analytics and Facebook insights we are able to explain the campaign progress in detail. This also includes demographic data reporting on who is engaging with your page and ads.
  • Return on Investment reporting - We make sure to update your months ROI performance reports explaining the right expenditure vs conversion rate.
Travel Consultant

Where will you go next? Let me help you plan the trip of a lifetime. For a better travel experience, use a travel consultant. I'm a professional blogger and a solo traveler and I love to craft your entire vacation experience to your interests. Whether you are looking for a warm beach escape, immersion in a culture of just time away with family, I can guide you. We appreciate your unique needs and will listen to your desires and interests and then research for options with travel suppliers.

Each travel consultant is different. You don’t have to sit down with a special agent or something. Just have a conversation with me and about your past experiences, your likes, and dislikes and what your budget and level of accommodation you are willing to take.

I have first - hand experience and knowledgeable, which means you travel better when you plan your holidays with us in practical ways! I can design a vacation customizes to your preference and budget. So this is how I work and remember us when someone pops about a travel consulting agency. I'm currently working for various companies as a responsible travel consultant. Contact me to discuss further.

Sponsorship Travel

I Love traveling and currently accepting sponsorship travel proposals! I'm always ready for the fun - filled travel experience and I look out for great sponsors constantly which help me to explore the world!

I'm a very fussy person and I hand pick companies with whom I wish to work with! Interested in being a partner for an upcoming journey of mine? Feel free to contact me and let's talk!

Speaker At Travel Related Events

Having worked on both sides of the fence, I know what it takes to be on both sides of campaigns and It's always a pleasure talking about it! There is nothing more I enjoy than getting in front of people and we are in a digital age. I love meeting people face to face, in fact, it is the most powerful form of inspiration for me.I inspire people to push the limit and encourage the change into their lives through TRAVEL.

Most recently, I have spoken for many travel events, trade conferences, small workshops and more and I'm always looking for unique projects and chances

I do conduct hands - on workshops to support brands, companies, and individuals in the online space and to build a life from your passion.

My speaking topics include:

  • How to find local experiences
  • How to tackle specific epic adventures
  • Solo Female Travel Tips
  • Packing tips and essential travel gear
  • Travel Blogging
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