Travel Consultant

Where will you go next? Let me help you plan the trip of a lifetime. For a better travel experience, use a travel consultant. I'm a professional blogger and a solo traveler and I love to craft your entire vacation experience to your interests. Whether you are looking for a warm beach escape, immersion in a culture of just time away with family, I can guide you. We appreciate your unique needs and will listen to your desires and interests and then research for options with travel suppliers.

Each travel consultant is different. You don’t have to sit down with a special agent or something. Just have a conversation with me and about your past experiences, your likes, and dislikes and what your budget and level of accommodation you are willing to take.

I have first - hand experience and knowledgeable, which means you travel better when you plan your holidays with us in practical ways! I can design a vacation customizes to your preference and budget. So this is how I work and remember us when someone pops about a travel consulting agency. I'm currently working for various companies as a responsible travel consultant. Contact me to discuss further.

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