Social Media Campaigns & Contests

Social Media Campaigns & Contests
Facebook is one of the biggest social networks in the world and advertising on Facebook is a perfect tool to connect with the potential customers. We also offer social media campaign and contests service, which is also called as an advertising solution to suit your campaign requirements and budget, whether it's for a sponsored stories or home page ads. Our service includes;

  • Audience identification - Finding and targeting your right audience, including estimated audience cost and size to advertise.
  • Creative design - We can make all images used for the ads with some top - notch creative ideas, crafted especially for your target audience.
  • Monitoring statistics - Using both Google Analytics and Facebook insights we are able to explain the campaign progress in detail. This also includes demographic data reporting on who is engaging with your page and ads.
  • Return on Investment reporting - We make sure to update your months ROI performance reports explaining the right expenditure vs conversion rate.
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