Its always delectable enjoying a movie about an underdog triumphing over difficulty. Slowly getting stuck into the narrative, making the journey, one of our own, we unwittingly start to cheer for the reserved “David” as the challenge of Goliath’s is taken head on.

Poorna Movie

The challenge is a steep one, in the second venture, and the obstacles are humongous. Taking an inspiring story of Poorna Malavath, who is just 13 yeas of age and become the youngest woman to climb the Everest, the movie is simple, yet serious retelling of the daunting feat.

It’s sporty and women – centric movie which touches everyone’s heart, and it’s crafted for an enjoyable cinematic experience.

Poorna - The Movie

Rahul Bose gets his basic rights and makes sure that for these 105 minutes, we are completely engaged into the story of this petite girl who slowly, but of course, makes it to the top of the world.


Aditi Inaamdar who is melting into the role of Poorna – A thoughtful young child from a Telangana village, who along with her sister, sweeps the floor at her school as a punishment for not being able to pay the school fee.

Shy and not retiring and modest, it is her sister who talks of challenging the status quo. She decides to run away, of dreams of being an office in the village to the city and lights in Poorna, the compulsion to push ahead.

Poorna Movie

Situations plot and Priya get restrained by societal norms, but Poorna must go ahead, for herself to know the dreams of her sister. Both the young girls, are so accomplished and endearing in their scenes together that one cannot help but encourage for them.

The movie Poorna is a very budgeted with heavy cinematography. From village to towering height of the snow peaked mountains, we figured it and evocatively too. Rahul Bose in the role of Dr RS Praveen Kumar helps her and guides her through. His ease in front of the camera along with the addition on Heeba Shah, Dhritiman Chatterjee and Harsha Vardan all are film’s potency credibility.


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