Death is the ultimate truth, the epilogue we are familiar with but we are completely prepared to die… even when you know that is the end near?

If no one can’t overcome the ultimate embrace, we can’t spend our time in the life’s room to say our final goodbyes? Can life, then be living in the room of death is the question.  The debut feature film of Subhashish Bhutiani’s Mukti Bhawan or Hotel salvation deals with death complexities with a simplicity that is adorable.

Mukti Bhawan

In every scene of the movie, death is mentioned. From the 1st time when a seventy – seven year old retired school teacher of Kannauj, Dayashanke Sharma, speaks about this threatening dream and feels his time has arrived. He requests his son (Adil Hussain) to take him to Varanasi, the holy city on the banks of river Ganga, where people wish to die to escape from their life cycle and gain ultimate salvation.

His angry son is being poked by his wife Lata  and keeps asking questions about the old man’s death. The care taker of Mukti Bhawan announced that people must die or leave within fifteen days.

Mukti Bhawan Movie

In the interaction between the various residents of the Bhawan then think why the more eager ones have to be there for years while some have the luck to die early.

The screenplay, written by Asad Hussain and Bhutiani, death is offered the dignity it deserves without allowing frivolity  blunt its edges. Just like all all takes on life is different, they have a different approach to death as well which makes this movie richer. It slowly breathes with the frames being revealed by Varanasi in all its common sense.

Music by Tajdar Junaid. The movie has a great bonding between father and son and portrayed intimately by Adil Hussain and Lalit Behl is the film’s main theme.  Palomi Ghosh, Geetanjali Kulkarni along with Navindra Behl  through their excellently – crafted performances makes the movie incredibly fascinating.

Go and watch the movie and leave your comments!


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