This week’s release, Trapped is rather an unpleasant survival thriller situation of being stuck in one’s home.

The character played by Rajkumar Rao is Shaurya, is a reserved, bespectacled and quiet guy who develops a crush on her female friend. He finally decided to gather her feeling to express and it marked on his new life when unusual things happen- he got stuck inside his own home!

The director of the movie Vikramaditya Motwane already gave a hit ‘Udaan’ and ‘Lootera’,  now encloses his cinematic sight to a small I BHK apartment.

The actions happened here, with Raj occupying in all frames. But why could not just ask for a help? He does, in fact, Shaurya strived to do all in order to come out!

The tightness slowly piles at both Shaurya and the audience realizes the seriousness of the situation. The movement of the camera is more frenzied, and the confused urgency of the shots solicits a sense of claustrophobia among the audience. And this is the movie’s strongest strength as it targets the audience to pay attention and be completely invested in the protagonist’s life.

The movie has a festive thing which does not have an interval.  While to the story is an exception, the film depends wholly on the shoulders of Roa, who gives us a compelling performance that remains us on the edge of our seats till the end.

The movie did not specify the exact days he got stuck in that house and gave an anxious brink, he finds a technique to get out the clutches of the preconceived idea and fears that have held him back for a long time. There is a privilege in that entrapment.

Is Shaurya more free than the rest of us, who might still be mentally wrapped and enslaved? This is question audience will ask themselves once the film ends.  While the ending might come across a bit profuse for some that is a film that remains with you for a long time.

Ponder yourself. What will you do if you are in the same situation? Personally, I felt so trapped while watching this cringe movie.


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