The fans are already excited by the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. Kurt Russell as Ego the living planet and Peter’s dad with the infinity war setup leaves a lot to be excited. Even James Gunn says that that the volume 3 will happen in an interview with Complex.

There is more of a twist, though, Gunn said that although it’s happening for sure, but not sure if he will direct it. But one thing is clear here. Volume 2 is going to make extreme money. In fact, you might need boats and boats full of bucks there will be so much. We know this and most importantly, Gunns knows too. With the first film success and the sure upcoming success of volume 2, Gunn might be ready for himself up for a wee contract bump in order to take the rule once again for Vol 3.


Guess what? We might have to wait and check how it plays for a week and know what it happens. Timeline wise it might take place after infinity war, which might also be a lead in for phase four of the Marvel universe.


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