There is nothing much about the movie Bruce Lee!

You must have a wicked sense of humor and comedy to pull this story off! But unfortunately, there is nothing to get off it!

Who is wee funny? A Person who cracks a joke and flunks or a person who cracks a joke, but then says “you did not understand it so you don’t find it funny? Bruce Lee is such a movie that is seriously unfunny.

The film survives in a meta-zone where “Muniskanth”, the so-called villain. And the hero, GV Prakash, named as Bruce Lee or Gemini Ganesan, calls himself as a hero. There are tons of back  – breaking shots.

Not that he posses the quality of the title. For beginners, he is a coward. When a woman gets kidnapped, he preferred the other way. And when he sees Mansoor Ali Khan who turned as a politician, get killed and he prefers to walk away

What if this so-called hero has to save Kirti Kharbanda who is also a so-called ‘heroine’ from the mentioned villain to prove his masculinity? How does a man who is scared of even butterflies, defeat a killer who can change himself into a Hollywood movie villain?

The movie is definitely a material-minded and does not impress! But it is a real masala movie.


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