Pictures are not just for memories and when it’s your wedding the album bust be the most precious credit to enjoy lifelong. Wedding albums have for long piled with regular and traditional poses and Yes,  they are just amazing. But lately, couples are coming up with vibrant and new couple poses ideas to make their wedding album on of its hot and kind affair.

1. The Bathtub Pose

This picture is just like you see in the Hollywood movies. If there is a bathtub in your hotel room, then, girl, make use of it and you will totally love it.

2.  The Jump Up High PoseThe jump up high pose

Brides are the cutest and the real ones just prove that. Look at this image of a bridge jumping high to express her happiness. Look at here lehenga floating in the air.

3.  Get In The Groove

Won’t you look stunning in this bridal style? While you might have come across these pictures before, this one proves to be more real!

4. The Sensual OneThe sensual one

Hey, bride, please pose like this. Such a dreamy picture. We love how the focus is on her eyes, though, and yes, that lehenga is always the highlight here.

5. The Twirl!

This is a very common bride -to -be a picture. But the real joy and fun are the excitement that is seen! Yes, the real face of the excitement is seen! Can you notice that ‘aww’ look?


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