If you ask a guy that what is his favorite thing he will probably say sex or his little mini-me. But you might believe it or not there are certain things which a guy loves probably more than sex. So here are 10 surprising things guys almost love more than sex.

1. His Favorite Meal

His Favorite MealEvery guy definitely has a favorite meal or food. It could be anything right from a pizza to a delicious ice-cream. Whatever it might be, he always enjoys it.

2. Hearing “I Love You” From The Woman He Loves

Hearing “I Love You” From The Woman He LovesEvery guy loves to hear those three little magic words and specially from the woman they love the most.

3. Peace And Quiet

Peace And QuietEvery guy loves to have a few moments of peace and calmness somewhere during the day.

4. Waking Up Next To You

 Waking Up Next To YouNo matter how horrible a girl thinks it is, but guys think you’re beautiful and he feels just a little proud that you’re waking up next to him.

5. Receiving A Random Gift

Receiving A Random GiftWho doesn’t like receiving a random gift? Guys get more excited when they receive a random gift consisting of their favorite things.

6. Making A Woman Laugh

Guys love it when they can make women laugh. It makes them feel more manly. Plus, they think if a girl is laughing, she is interested.

7. Playing With His Toys

Video games, cars, mobile devices etc are one of the most loved toys of a guy. No matter how old they grow up, but when it comes to playing up with their favorite toys they become small kids.

8. Not Having To Make Any Decision

It is guys who have to always make big decisions, which means they always feel pressured in making the right decision. So take the lead sometimes and decide where to go to dinner or what to do over the weekend. He’ll love getting a break.

9. Being Taken Out On A Date

Guys love it a lot when a girl takes them out on a date. So treat him with a nice meal and movie once in awhile.

10. Being Asked About His Day

Most probably, a man always will stay quiet and listen to how your day was spent. So take some time to ask him out how his day went. Asking this simple question will mean a lot to him and will also give him a chance to talk around freely.


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